How to Choose the Best Wrestling Mats

There are a lot of considerations when you’re going to choose a wrestling mat for your team. Wrestling mats may seem like they’re all the same until you get the job of shopping for a new one. Here are a few things to keep in mind while making your decision to get the best wrestling mats for home use.


While you need a smooth surface, you also need a surface that won’t be too slick. Make sure the surface is truly non-slip for the safety of your athletes. Vinyl coated mats may look slick, but they stick and can be safe for your team.

The surface needs to remain non-slip even when it gets wet.  This is not only safer but will make sure your athletes perform at their best even when things get heated.  

You’re also looking for non-abrasive. When a manufacturer tries to make their vinyl non-slip they may go too far and make the surface rough. Make sure you aren’t buying sandpaper.


The thickness of the foam doesn’t tell the whole story. Thick foam doesn’t mean it’s safe. The foam needs to be dense enough to meet minimum standards. Typically, about 2lb density is what you’re looking for in a foam wrestling mat.


Competition means traveling. If the mat must be moved from time to time, look for a lightweight mat. Also, look for a mat that comes in small sections that are easy to transport. This will make your experience on the road a little easier.

Mat Size and Foam Thickness

The size and thickness requirements of the mat will depend on the level of competition. International has a different standard of thickness for the foam from high school and college. The size of the mat can also vary. For example, International competition requires 2” thick mats.  Make sure you aren’t wasting money buying the wrong kind of mat. Look at the standards for your competition before you buy.


Another consideration for a mat that you’ll be transporting or storing between uses is how flexible the material is. When you roll the mat, will it roll tightly for storage?  A mat that can be dense, thick, light, and flexible for storage, is made of high-quality material.

Follow standards to the letter

The most important thing is the safety of your athletes. Following competition standards will help you provide the safest wrestling mat for your team and the teams that compete against you. Keeping everyone safe is the top priority.