What type of gymnastic moves on beam balancing?

Gymnastics includes a number of events in which gymnast may individually or with a team can perform. The gymnast should have great flexibility in their property achieve their goal in Olympic. With the flexibility, the player needs to perform some special tasks such as handstands, forward and backward rolls and, balance on the beam, and much more. Other events may be performed by a team, but the balancing on the beam can only perform by own self. Larger the beam facilitates to have a partner to show better creativity. Some gymnastic moves on beam need a huge practice and better guidance. Without guidance, it may have temporary or permanent injuries.
Basically, the balance beam is an artistic gymnastic event which can be performed by men and women. In women gymnastics event women need to perform four events such as vaults, balance beam, floor and uneven bars. Talk about balancing the beam some gymnastic moves on beam need high technical and physical skills. Better the technique you know and their practice can make you perfect for balancing beam. In Olympic Games, beam balance is one of the popular events.
Balance beam basics
Before practicing for balance beam, you must know about their basics. The knowledge can provide you technical skill implementation. It is about 4 inches wide, 4 feet in height and 16 feet 5 inches in length. To prevent any unwanted injuries, the beam is slightly padded which is about 3mm thick. Sometimes chalks are used to provide better dimensions that mean mark on the beam if it is required.
Gymnast can perform many types of skill on the beam including jumps, holds, leaps, and acrobatic moves.

In a leap, the gymnasts off of one foot and perform a split at air and lands on one foot. Splitting action on the beam provides better attraction which is tough as seem. The athlete must hit a complete 180 degree, and little deduction can cut some points. Judges want to watch the extraordinary steps in the beam as they have seen many moves on the beam. To get high points and attract attention athlete need to perform ring leap, switch leaps, and twisting leaps. These Gymnastic moves on beam take you get the high attentions.


Jumps are similar to leaps, but in the jumps, the gymnast uses both the feet to perform the activity. Sheep jumps, ring jumps, and twisting jumps in distinct positions are commonly seen. When the gymnast is on the 10th level, then he/she can perform at an international scale. The gymnast must take 360-degree split or full turn. More the different revolutions make complexity to perform it, and double and triple turns are rewards more than a full turn. In some level of the game, it offers you to perform the task which you and your coach have made. That means it provides you a platform to execute your steps. Add more difficulty in the game can take you to get high points. See videos here at Fit2BMom.
Gymnastic moves on beam include scale and handstands on the beam.
Acrobatic gymnastics:
The Gymnastic moves on beam include handsprings to flip, forward and backward flips, and also it includes a combination of some extreme steps.